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Chakra Balance Healing Brisbane


$70 – 1 hour


$100 – 1.5 hours


$170 – Before and After Aura Photos with One Hour Chakra Balance Energy Healing


$200.00 – Before and After Aura Photos with One and Half Hour Chakra Balance Energy Healing


Chakra Balance Healing Wynnum
Energy Healing Wynnum


From time to time we may feel tired, emotional, stressed, lost or disconnected.  These feeling may be related to out of balance Chakras.
Chakra Balance Energy Healing can help to bring unbalanced chakra energy back into balance and assist in normal functioning of the Charkras.  Resulting in restoring your vitality and balancing emotions.


During the healing session the client remains fully clothed laying comfortably on their back on the massage table.  During treatment you are encouraged to close your eyes and deeply relax.  Crystals and/or pure essential oils may be used to enhance the healing outcome.



“Chakra” is a Sanskrit word meaning “wheels of light”.  This is descriptive of the appearance of the chakras which are like vortexes of energy which spin.  Chakras are usually described as energy centers that run along the spine located at major branching of the human nervous system.  The seven major chakras  begin at the base of the spinal column and move upward to the top of the skull.  These chakra energy centers within our Human Energy Field have the ability to transmit and receive energy.


The seven major chakras:  Base Chakra (Red), Sacral Chakra (Orange), Solar Plexus Chakra (Yellow), Heart Chakra (Green), Throat Chakra (Blue), Third Eye Chakra (Indigo), Crown Chakra (Violet).


The three lower chakras (Base / Sacral / Solar Plexus) are often described as being related to our functioning as a human being on the earth plane.  The are controlled by the energies of the physical plane.
The three highest chakras (Throat / Third Eye / Crown) are involved with the processing of spiritual energy.  They are controlled by the energies of the cosmic plane.
The middle chakra (Heart) is thought to be the connector or transformer which bridges our physical self to our spiritual self.

Balanced:  Driven, renewal, vitality, passioniate, strength, courage
Under Active:  Nervous, insecure, unable to stay grounded
Over Active:  Tired, burnt out, impatient, addicted to money, feeling stuck

Balanced:  Creative, enthusiastic, independant
Under Active:  Frustration, resentment, unable to express emotions
Over Active:  Manipulative, overly self-indulgent, overly emotional

Balanced:  Boundaries, happiness, life force energy, mental activity, productive
Under Active:  Confused, lack of confidence, feeling lost or loss of control over own life
Over Active:  Workaholic, over achiever, demanding, perfectionist

Balanced:  Brings peace and understanding, connection with all, balance, healing, acceptance
Under Active:  Over sensitive, overly sympathetic, feeling sorry for oneself
Over Active:  Possessive, moody, controlling, guilt, judgmental

Balanced:  Expressive communication, truth, devoted, aligned with spiritual path
Under Active:  Weak, unreliable, unable to speak ones truth
Over Active:  Arrogant, sarcastic, over-bearing

Balanced:  Heightened intuition, connecting ideas and spiritual will, seeing without sight
Under Active:  Timid, non-assertive, reclusive
Over Active:  Authorative, egotistical, overly critical

Balanced:  Overcoming self-limitations, knowledge & enlightenment, purpose
Under Active:  Lack of joy in life, withdrawn, disconnected
Over Active:  Destructive, frustrated, delusional

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